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Gone are the days when people used to pluck petals or drawing lots for their decision making or picking names, because these days Picker Wheel has made our lives easier. It helps you pick names or decisions out of different choices that you put in it.

The chances of get the any option that you put in is equal for all and therefore makes this method reliable and bias free. You can choose to add anything including names to be picked through this wheel of names. Unlike Yes or No Wheel, you will enjoy greater customisation, vibrant visuals and other benefits on this platform.


World is a full of choices and humans make their way by making different choices and decisions in their lives. Decisions can be as simple as whether to choose to go to cinema to complex one like choosing a career. With all these decisions that one has to make, it sometimes feels overwhelming and difficult to take a certain decision. Therefore, people have discovered different ways which can facilitate them in takes vital decisions.

One such method is using an online platform such as Random Name Picker to make decisions for you. It is a free online tool that randomly chooses an option out of all other that you put into it. Its user friendly and has visuals that are engaging. Graphically a wheel is divided into different sections which represent different options. On putting the options on these sections, you will then spin the wheel and after seconds you will get your result.

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Picker Wheel selects the option totally random, and each option has an equal chance of getting selected. This tool promotes action as it helps in decision making process which is helpful in making a certain move. It is helpful because it saves you time from overthinking about a certain decision that you need to make. It is impartial, fair and free of any bias.

You can also customise different elements in it such as colors, labels and personalise your experience. It is used by many around the world, especially teachers who put students name and pick names randomly for participation or projects. It can also be used for personal use such as personal decision making.

Main Features and Advantages of Picker Wheel of Names

  • Customisation: you can choose to add multiple options or names in it to choose from. You can also choose the numeric of entries. Furthermore, you can view a list and choose to edit, delete or shuffle the options. Talking about visuals colors of the sections in the wheel can also be changed.
  • Add images: instead of putting names and other written options you can add images too.
  • Random picking: to make the process fair and impartial, picker wheel picks names, numbers and other inputs randomly without any coercion.
  • Unlimited spins: you can choose as many spins as you want. This can be helpful when you want to choose names in order.
  • Save and share: you can also save the results and then share them on other platforms.

How to use a Random Picker Wheel?

This tool is really simple to use due to it’s user friendly interface. Here are some steps.

  • Add your inputs or options in the bar given.
  • Insert the next option using + sign, and so on.
  • You will be shown a list of options and inputs that you can edit or delete.
  • Then click and tap on the “spin”.
  • Wheel will start spinning and will stop after few seconds.
  • Your result will be displayed.
  • You can also choose the number of spinning entries.
  • You can shuffle the options for more randomness.
  • You can save the file on your device.
  • Finally, you can share your results with others on different platforms.

Pros of using Spinner Wheel

  • Unlike traditional method of picking decisions, such as drawing lots that involve paper use, wheel decide is sustainable and doesn’t involve in paper waste.
  • It is free of cost, however there some features that might be available to premium users only.
  • This generator promotes action and decision making.
  • It is fair and impartial.
  • It allows for inputs and different options.
  • It is efficient and timesaving.
  • It’s enjoyable and engaging.
  • It reduces mental strain of picking names and other decisions.

Cons of using Spinner Wheel

There are some limitations that this wheel pose but remember that benefits of this tool overweigh these limitations.

  • Due to the randomness, you will have little control on your decisions, and this might be problematic when make complex decisions.
  • Wheel of Names or random number generator selects options without considering personal preference or the context. 
  • You can find yourself overly relying on the random decision making which stunts the critical thinking.
  • It can make you overly dependent on technology-based decision making and pose problems when you don’t have access to the technology.

Who uses Random Wheel Spinner and for What Purpose?

  • Anyone can use it to take some personal decisions such as what type of movie to choose or more complex decisions such as what career path to choose.
  • Teachers can use it to randomly select students for different roles in assignments and projects.
  • Event organisers can also use whee picker for event organisations, fund raising and other events.

Take Away

Picker Wheel is a very useful platform and online tool that helps in picking names and other inputs randomly. Works by putting names in the input bar and then spinning the wheel which will give you a result within a second. It is a very useful tool as it saves time and allows you to make quick decisions without overthinking.

There are many customization options including the ability to change the colors on wheel. It has many plus points such as it gives results that are not biased, it saves times, it is free of charge to use and ad-free. It can be of help to many such as teachers, event organisers and can be used by common people for personal decision making. This tool will free you from having any trouble with picking multiple names and decisions that may overwhelm you.