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Do you confidently want to make a decision? Yes or No Wheel will help you with your quick decision-making process. Through random selection and free of any bias you will get your answer in few seconds. All you have to do is to tap on “spin” to start the wheel rotation. The chances of getting yes or no are equal and unbiased and therefore spares you from overthinking.

What is Yes No Wheel – Introduction

Decision making process can be difficult sometimes and a simplest decision can be full of dilemmas. With the world full of uncertainties we always look for some effective ways that make our decision making a lot easier. One of the novel solutions to help you is the virtual decision generator, such as Yes or No Wheel spinner which provides a clear direction to your choices.

Yes No Wheel is an online decision generator that gives answer in yes or no. So, if you want to decide whether to go somewhere or not you can use this platform to generate an answer for you and you will get to know in yes or no. This platform is helpful to those who find themselves stuck in the decision making and need some push. The decision outcome is totally random, and both yes and no have 50 percent chance of occurring. This randomness helps in removing biasness that comes with personal preferences.

yes or no wheel

To generate decision on this platform, you have to click on “spin” and you will get your answer in yes or no. The benefit of using this tool is that it prompts you to make a decision whenever you are clueless, generates decisions that are bias free and quick to form a decision. Unlike the Picker Wheel, it has limitations such as it can’t be used in complex situations and makes you dependent on random decision making, overall, the platform is really useful.

Features of Yes or No Wheel

Here are some functionalities and features of the tool that makes the decision-making process a lot easier for you.

  • Random Yes or No decision: Helps you in deciding anything by giving simple negative or positive affirmations.
  • Easy and quick: It is the easiest to use and only requires you to click on spin and you will get the answer in seconds.
  • Free to use: This tool is totally free of charge and therefore you can enjoy it anytime anywhere.
  • Results count: To further help you in decision making, result count remembers the number of yes and no that you get each time.
  • Entry selection: Before spinning the wheel, you can decide how many times you want the decision to appear.
  • Vibrant and colorful: The interface of the tool is created with different colors palette that makes it more fun to use.

How to use the Yes No Picker Wheel

  • Choose the entry selection and the number of outcomes that you want.
  • Select the mode such as simple yes or no or yes, no and may be.
  • Click on the “spin”.
  • Wait for few seconds as the wheel rotates.
  • After some time, your results will be displayed, it will be yes, no, and maybe.

When to use the Yes or No spinner wheel

This tool can be used anytime when you ask yourself “should i”, “will i”, or “does”. Some of the examples are given below.

  • Should I say yes or no to the dinner?
  • Should I take off from the office today?
  • Will he contact me?
  • Should I cut my hair?
  • Does she have a crush on me?

Benefits of using Random Yes or No Generator

Some of the plus points of this online tool that make this platform unique and useful are:

  • Remove Biases: whenever a person has to pick one it is always going to be influenced by many factors. Emotions and personal choices are the top factors that affect the decision making. Using this tool removes any bias in the decision-making process as it is not influenced by your personal preferences.
  • Simplifies decision making: decision making can be a hard task sometimes and other times it can be overwhelming. Yes or No Wheel makes the decision making simple for you as you let the wheel decide and it provides random outcome so that you don’t have to overthink.
  • Quick: you will get instant results with Yes or No Wheel when you need to decide. It is ideal for those who want to generate a random answer and reach to a decision without struggle.
  • Promotes decision making: making a random decision is better than not making a decision at all. Therefore, this tool encourages to take a decision and move forward with confidence.

Drawbacks of using Yes or No Decision Wheel

Although Yes or No spin wheel has many plus points, here are some limitations that you might consider.

  • Dependency: You may start depending on random outcomes if you keep on using this platform. This leads to the negligence of criminal thinking while making big decisions.
  • Limited context: The spin result of this tool is based on randomness therefore other complexities of decision making can not be considered.
  • Suitability: this tool is suitable for simple tasks and not for complex. Some decisions require deep thinking, research and deliberation and those cases this platform might not be suitable.


Is yes or no wheel decide free to use?

Yes, this tool is 100 percent free of cost.

How many times I can spin the wheel on wheel of yes or no?

The number spins on this platform are unlimited.


Yes or No Wheel is an amazing platform for those who often get confused in decision making process. It helps you to decide anything with yes or no. The tool is easy to use and with only one tap you will get your result. For example, you can use it when you are confused about contacting your crush and you ask yourself should I contact him/her or not. You don’t have to think much and just use the wheel to decide for yourselves. Due to the total randomness of this platform, your results will be unbiased. The chances of getting yes or no are both equal, that is 50 percent each.